May 27, 2015
May 27, 2015

Le Boudoir

Le Boudoir would have to be one of Melbourne’s classiest brothels. Friendly and outgoing  ladies, great service and a clean and well maintained premises makes Le Boudoir a great place to visit next time you are in Melbourne.

Le Boudoir works on a introduction system where you are taken to a seperate lounge area where the receptionist will then introduce you to the ladies one by one. This is great for people wanting a discreet and confidential introduction. Each lady will meet with you and tell you about themselves. Then once you have meet all the ladies available you can make your choice. The selection of ladies on offer was exceptional at the time of our visit. And there was a good selection of nationalities. Once we had made our choice we moved on to one of the rooms. We selected the chamber 4 as it had a great spa bath in there and the lady happily jumped in as well. The room was very well appointed and immaculate. Very nice indeed and a great time was had by all.

We had a great time here and would recommend it.

There is discreet parking around the back and also a rear entrance.

The accept all credit cards and cash payments, although they will charge you a surcharge on any card payments

Contact information

Address: 81 Rokeby Street, Collingwood
Phone: 03 9415 8055


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Le Boudoir Collingwood
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6 comments on “Le Boudoir

  1. I have been a regular here for a number of years. As a business owner I can honestly say that this is a professionally owned and run company. As a client, I am always appreciative of the dedicated service provided by these wonderful women. There is not another brothel of this calibre, it is classy, clean and friendly. Keep up the good work girls.

  2. not good response from receptionist I had really bad experience and that is not for once…..more often as I am also there regular customer….

  3. Oh James, do you really think that anyone with half a brain would believe a word of what you say??? I mean, really, NO business would ever talk to a customer like that. NO business would still be in operation today if there was even a hint of truth in what you are saying. You also expect us to believe that it was that bad, however, you continued to go there “quite a few times”. In all the times I have been there, I was always made to feel welcome, and given a great time 😉 I am of INDIAN decent…

  4. I have been a receptionist there in the past and I can assure you, NONE of the receptionists would speak to a client that way. If they did they wouldn’t have a job, end of story.

  5. James must have an axe to grind. I’ve been there plenty of times and always been treated well. I highly doubt any receptionists would have spoken to him that way and they are definitely not racist. Take his rant with a grain of salt and go check it out for yourself.

  6. its a shit place guys don’t fall for the awards and history shit…the receptionist are really racist thugs if you don’t have good looks they won’t show you the good looking girls.. they show you the gay looking nannies and force you in to staying with them…saying they provide good service….happened to me quite a few times and then Iconfronted the reception as I saw other girls…here are her remarks Quote “good looking girls are for good looking people here…don’t bother coming here if you are Indian, African or Asian we only provide service to Australians… I said I am Australia….she said well you are not good looking … i saw the same thing happening to other guys there and they didn’t even realize….these people are ripping people off….don’t know how they got the award

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